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Silly Icons

For Your Silly Needs

Silly icons for all of your silly needs!
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This community is filled with random icons. We do take requests, and we have regular updates. Also, people can create icons for people to take.

Community Rules:

2. Put all icons/applications behind a cut
3. Only 2 requests per week
4. If requesting, you HAVE to give us a picture...we will NOT find one.
5. If you have a base, say where it's from

If requesting an icon, please fill this out:

Icon Size:
Picture Address:
If cropping is required, how do you want it cropped:
Base from:
Icon Text:
Font Type:
Font Color:

6. You MUST be a member of the community to post/take icons. It's not hard to join...
Your Mods:

miss_articulate i'm celia and i'm 14. me and the other mod created this community becuase we were bored. :-P well...i like to ride horses, I have one name Scribbles Bold Star, AKA Crayola. Image hosted by Photobucket.com that's me on her yeah, we're cool :-P


...i'm </p>knotmaggotgrl01 and i'm also a mod so dont be hating! me and the other mod made this community at some random time at night when we were hyper and i was suppose to be writing an enghish, but my ADD prevented that from happening. i'm 15. i like to snowboard, scuba dive, drive, photography, playing guitars, and lights. yes i said lights. flashing and unsually lights especially :D random? yes, i know. and i pretty much live of off music... and the Addams Family... and One Tree Hill.